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Report for the September 2020 Parish Council Magazine -Kippax Matters


It seems strange to be starting a piece about KIB without the group being the centre of attention. However, whilst the Bloomers had been continuing as usual, another momentous occasion grabbed the local headlines - the disappearance of the 'magnificent' cottage. It seemed quite remarkable that a very old and disused toilet block should become an icon of Kippax' local and archaeological history!! And how the Chinese Whispers flew on social media. The Parish Council were blamed, Local Councillors were blamed, Leeds City Council was vilified. And of course, none of these groups had anything to do with the demolition. A member of the public had registered a concern back in January that the rear of the toilet block was unsafe - which of course it was. It was after all a very derelict toilet block, very run-down and falling apart, whose appearance had been 'rescued' by the In-Bloom team creating 2 cottage garden area's in front of it and adding window boxes, while the whole frontage had been given a lease of life by Kippax Art Group's frontispiece of a cottage.

Nonetheless, it remained a derelict building in danger of falling down. Consequently, the owners took the decision to demolish it for safety reasons. What many did not realise is that the building and surrounding land is privately owned!! The one real regret is that the owners did not give us notice in order to save the plants from the garden to be replanted elsewhere in Kippax nor to be able to remove the very attractive art work.

Members of KIB at the Community Centre

Meanwhile the KIB volunteers continued to do their best throughout the period of lockdown. Of course, it has been more difficult while maintaining personal distance but weeding, (lots and lots of it) pruning, cutting back trees and bushes, grass cutting and general labouring carried on apace. Thus, summer planting this year is limited to providing colour to the various tubs around the village. Hopefully, by the time you read this, you will have enjoyed colourful flower displays in a still attractive village. As I write, I am reminded that today is International Friendship Day. It is true to say that over the years since Kippax in Bloom originated, many friendships have been fostered and developed. The Sunday gatherings of volunteers, out in all weathers, will clearly show the togetherness and support for one another, without which our success would not be possible. These days, that is further sup­ported by appreciative villagers passing by with a word of thanks. Together, they all result in colourful floral displays which enhance our environment. It is also now increasingly recognised that gardening has a therapeutic quality; hence Bloomers are so well-balanced!!

Some of the KIB members at Calvert Close (with social distancing)

We are pleased to have continued with some of the benefits of KIB through what have proved difficult times. As usual, however, none of this would be possible without the support of the Parish Council, our local city ward councillors, Leeds City Council, the Arium, LCC Parks and Countryside Department, their Locality Team and Marie and Jonny at Woodend Nurseries. As usual, however, huge thanks go to our band of volunteers who have striven to keep things going during this difficult pandemic.

If you feel you could offer any support in any way whatsoever, please e-mail Pat at psamykib@aol.com, ring her on 0113 2862283 or visit her in her sweet shop on the High Street. Our webpage is kippaxinbloom.com





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