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Report for the September 2019 Parish Council Magazine -Kippax Matters


If only the different timetables for different aspects of Kippax life could be in sync! This article is being penned shortly after the Yorkshire in Bloom judges visited and embarked on their tour of the village in mid July. Of course, you will not be reading this until a further two months down the line. Moreover, as the results won't be known until the 10th of September during a ceremony at York Racecourse, it will be the December edition of this magazine when you will read about it. What we can report is how brilliantly Judging Day went. The comments of the two judges following their tour were extremely positive. They congratulated and thanked everyone in the Kippax Community for the very high standard and pride shown on their visit and they praised the efforts of all involved, commenting that clearly an awful lot of hard work had gone into making Kippax look good. One of the judges had visited five years ago and was very impressed by the tremendous progress made, the obvious sense of teamwork and the elements of community support from the residents of Kippax clearly evident. This is an issue which seems to increase remarkably year on year. It is evidenced in the quality of residents' gardens, the displaying of posters on judging day and generally the comments received by the volunteers throughout the year, and not forgetting the supportive observations made on Facebook.

Furthermore, we must give a big thank you to the Moorgate for their continued support; their welcoming of the judges and the KIB mob is very much appreciated. I would also like to mention the Growing Zone which again showcased their outstanding work. It must also be noted that the hanging baskets along the High Street are particularly brilliant this year with their mass of colours. Once again huge thanks to the sponsors who make this possible and The Arium/LCC Parks and Countryside for making them and looking after them.

New developments shown to the judges included the completed, amazingly colourful 'Bee Friendly' bed at the entrance to Greenfields School, having worked with the school over the past few months, and also on their Memorial Beds inside the school grounds. This is in addition to the continued work with Kippax North School who are amazing. The easy-maintenance contemporary bed on the corner of Sandgate Terrace has also been completed. I also hope that everyone has noted the new Bee at the Moorgate and the magnificent Spider climbing the wall near the Legion and opposite the Library. These were again created by the KIB volunteers on a course at Church Fenton.

One very positive development of recent times is the additions to the team of volunteers, decreasing the average age of the group. One young lady in her teens is very welcome. Three young students from Brigshaw have also been out on Sunday mornings as part of their Duke of Edinburgh challenges.

Of course, the challenge remains, as always, to maintain the high standards achieved so far so that our environment can be enjoyed by everyone who lives here and visits us. We continue to be grateful for the support of the Parish Council, our LCC Ward Councillors, The Arium, LCC Parks and Countryside Department, their Locality Team and Marie and Jonny at Woodend Nurseries, without whom our efforts would be greatly diminished. Of course, most importantly, thanks to our volunteers and those who help in myriad ways as Jack, one of the Yorkshire in Bloom judges, wrote to us "when everyone pulls together, the results are amazing".

Judges and Volunteers outside the Moorgate

Please call into Pat's Sweet Shop on the High Street, ring on 0113 2862283 or e-mail at psamykib@aol.com if you can contribute in any way. Any help or sponsorship, however small will be very welcome. Our webpage is kippaxinbloom.com

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