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Report for the September 2015 Parish Council Magazine

The morning of Wednesday 8th July 2015. The culmination of yet another year of inspiration, perspiration, lots of effort and hard work as we awaited the arrival of the two judges appointed by Yorkshire in Bloom to acclaim the success or otherwise of Kippax in Bloom's entry into this year's competition. Will these two eminent horticulturists appreciate the results of all that hard work as they tour around the village? Would they enjoy the colourful floral displays, the rockeries, the cottage garden brightening up Cross Hills, the well-kept residents' gardens and the abundant allotments that are a product of this time of year?

Equally importantly, would they understand that this is the only morning in the year that the whole of Kippax is litter-free!!! Thanks to our volunteers who, on the previous day, were rigorous in ensuring a clean Kippax. Oh that it could always be so clean!


We will not know the result of the judging until Tuesday 8th September when all the Bloomers throughout Yorkshire converge on York Racecourse for the Awards Ceremony. (Let's hope for better luck than I get from the horses!)

In the weeks running up to the day, the volunteers worked very hard to ensure that everything was in top order. Whatever the result, on the day, in spite of very dull weather, the village did look at its best, the flower beds a mass of colour, the grass now looking as it should be following the extra cuts by Barry, Gerry and Doug.

Once again we are grateful for the support of the Parish Council, not least for the contribution to improving grass cutting, our local ward councillors, the Parks and Countryside department of Leeds City Council, Woodend Nursery and our sponsors. As the judges have now been and gone, a very special thank you to our volunteers who labour in all weathers to make Kippax a pleasant and improving place to live. However, we are not great in number, nor do we get any younger! So, if you think that you could contribute, even just for an hour or two per week, or indeed in any other way such as watering beds near where you live please drop in and see Pat in her Sweet Shop, or telephone 0113 2862283 or e-mail her at psamykib@aol.com.

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