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Report for the March 2013 Parish Council Magazine
Hopefully by the time you are reading this in March the snow I’m looking at now will be a distant memory and the spring bulbs will be showing their lovely heads. Our volunteers are usually working to improve Kippax 50 weeks of the year, twice a week on Wednesdays and Sundays but we have had to cancel twice because of the snow, you can do more harm than good, my excuse anyway!! We will be back out as soon as we can in our trendy yellow vests preparing for the spring visit of the Yorkshire in Bloom judges. We are looking forward to showing off the results of our new bulb planting and the masses of daffodils that we’ve been planting over the last 10 years. The judges will visit us between March 25th and April 12th. They will also visit us again in summer, sometime in early July.

We work very closely with our community and the different groups within it and that is one of the reasons we have been so successful in Yorkshire in Bloom and the national Britain in Bloom competition winning Gold and our category in 2012. Kippax Art Group is one such group who did the wonderful painting of Cross Hills Cottage. They are also now going to do a mural on the gable end of the row of little cottages on the High St to celebrate our mining history which should be completed in March.

Each household should have received our information sheet with details of some of Kippax in Blooms activities for 2013. Please support us by becoming a Friend of Kippax in Bloom for £5 a year. You can do this by contacting me, details below, or any member of Kippax in Bloom that you may know (There’s a few that go in The Moorgate!!) and give your email address if you would like a quarterly newsletter.

Kippax in Bloom would like to thank our Parish Council, our 3 City Councillors, Mary, Keith and James, our volunteers, sponsors, supporters and LCC Parks and Countryside for their help and we know we can count on your support in 2013 and beyond.

My contact details are: psamykib@aol.com or 0113 2862283 or call into Pats Sweets

Please check out our website at: www.kippaxinbloom.com

Pat Samy

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