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Report for the June 2022 Parish Council Magazine -Kippax Matters
Hello From Kippax in Bloom

Spring has arrived and we're all enjoying the lovely daffodil displays that our volunteers have planted over the years and also the winter planting of pansies and polyanthus that are now at their best. We never stand still though! There are a number of celebrations coming up in the next few weeks, Easter, the belated 75th Anniversary of V-E Day and the Queens Platinum Jubilee so we're extra busy making sure our village looks at its best for these events. Our mowing teams have started cutting the areas we look after around the Entrance Stone, Tropical Beds and Calvert CI on Leeds Rd., also the Crosshills Area and Butt Hill Gardens. We've been dividing established perennials and filling spaces in our beds. Although it's still too cold to plant our summer bedding, our planters will have a makeover ready for planting at the end of May when all chances of frost are gone. This is just the right time though to plant the wildflower seeds for a fabulous display in summer.

Some of our volunteers outside the Gibson Lane Community Centre

We are always delighted when people praise our efforts and thank us for making Kippax so visually impressive. None of our achievements would be possible without our brilliant volunteers who continue to work tirelessly. We are coming to our busiest time of year and we would be most grateful if anyone of you could give us a bit of help. Please contact me at psamykib@.aol.com, telephone number 0113 2862283 and leave a message or call into Pats Sweets on the High St. if you can help in any way.

We are most grateful to Carole at Millrace Garden for her donation of lots of bulbs and perennials from her beautiful garden. We thank all at Kippax Parish Council for their continued support and help. We are most grateful also for the support from Marie and Jonny at Woodend Nurseries, our 3 Ward Councillors Mary, Mirelle and James, LCC Parks and Countryside and Cleaner Neighbourhoods Teams, the Arium and our sponsors.

Our webpage is www.kippaxinbloom.com Thanks from Pat and the Team


The following poem by Chris Porter was published in the June Kippax Matters and has a relevence to Kippax in Bloom


Did t'Romans conquer Kippax, build a fort an' baths an' all?

No, that were down t'road at Castleford, where yon Romans 'ad a ball.


On their way from t'seaside, Viking's must 'ave come to t'village?

Ah bet they passed straight through, there'll not ave been much ter pillage!


Mebby old Kippax 'ad 'and in seein' off poor King Dick?

Sorry, that were in't castle at Pontefract, not quite this baileywick.


There were a reight big feight i'Kippax, when t'river ran red wi' blood

Ah'm wrong, that were t'battle o' Towton - well it's somewhere int' neighbour'ood.


Did Dick Turpin ride to Kippax, on 'is faithful steed Black Bess?

Almost, 'e went straight on up t'A64, it still ended in a mess!


So yer see, nowt's 'appened i' Kippax for 'undreds o' years an' more

Til these last few years, when there've been baskets, beds an' blooms galore

Done by an army in yeller jackets, led by Fieldmarshall Pat

You'll 'ave 'eard her barkin' "dig 'ere, strim this, plant that!"

An' it's not just volunteers she gets to work, poor fools

But Scouts, an t'Art Group, Growing Zone, even t'schools

But by heck what a difference, Kippax is lookin' groomed

Thanks ter t'community spirit, it's been "In Bloomed"!

But best of all, if truth be told

In Yorkshire and Britain in Bloom - we've 'ad Gold

So goodbye ter t'boring old days o't past

Summat's bloomin' 'appened i' Kippax - at last!








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