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Report for the June 2012 Parish Council Magazine

Britain in Bloom judging will take place on Thursday 2nd August 2012

We now have the date when the RHS judges will be visiting Kippax to assess our entry in the Britain in Bloom competition.

In order to involve as many of the community as possible we will be running events and competitions of our own including:

  1. The Front Garden competition open to all Kippax residents – application forms from Pat’s Sweets on the High St.

  2. ‘Name the Bear’ and Poster competitions for the schools

  3. Fund raising event for KIB by friends of St Mary’s in the Church Hall on Saturday 9th June

  4. KIB will be supporting St Mary’s Church Flower Festival on the 14th and 15th July.




Listed below are some of the new projects we have planned for our Britain in Bloom entry :-

  1. A new rockery on Cross Hill behind the library (see photo above) is well advanced at the time of writing.

  2. Extend rockery on Longdike Lane

  3. On Butt Hill Garden - A display to commemorate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and a notice board giving the history of coach station that once occupied this area.

  4. Create a third ‘Tropical’ bed Leeds Rd /Clifford Way

  5. Working with Kippax Art Group to create a cottage garden on Cross Hills.

  6. St Mary’s - Develop the planting in the church yard and around the church hall.

  7. Create a wild flower area on Valley Road

  8. Additional planters in the area around the library and on the High St.

Time and resources limit how much we can include in our presentation so we have a designated route along which we take the judges. If you are on the route you will have received a leaflet in April which suggested some of the things you can do to help show Kippax in a good light.

Britain in Bloom is as much about community involvement as it is about planting flowers so please, please take a moment to consider how you may be able to contribute to this occasion.Everybody can get involved to help make Kippax as attractive as possible.

  1. You could put up hanging baskets and put out planters filled with bright plants in front of your property.

  2. You could sponsor a flower bed or hanging basket.

  3. Keep the area around your home weed and litter free.

  4. Maybe help Kippax in Bloom with watering, dead heading, weeding, delivering leaflets / posters etc.


Daffodils on Valley Road

On the lead up to the Britain in Bloom judging we expect to be working very had so a nice cup of tea is always welcome.

Thank you for your support.

Finally on the subject of support we would like to wish one of our most ardent supporters, Councillor Keith Parker, a long and happy retirement.

The contact for anything above is Mrs Pat Samy at :-

Pat’s Sweet Shop on the High Street

Telephone 2862283 or e-mail psamykib@aol.com

Our website is www.kippaxinbloom.com..

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